BRITISH RACING DRIVERS CLUB A distinguishing feature of Cyclekarts is community. This is especially true of Gittreville. We organize events not simply races. The BRDC was established by royal hatter Reginald Molehusband. Reg has always maintained that a proper cocktail requires as much planning and study as a fine racing machine. It is certainly more important. The BRDC was intended as a comfortable place to meet and mingle with colleagues.


In 1923 Austin sent a team of three cars to contest the Voiturette Race in Boulogne, France. The Austin Seven Boulogne was part of The Great Austin Seven Build Off with fellow Austin Seven inspired cars: the BMW 35/15 PS-DA3 Wartburg, the Rosengart LR2 and Bruce McLaren’s Austin Seven racer. I have a lot of these profiles to personally compile having built ten cars either alone or as a team


Tieton is a bit out of the norm for Gittreville. After an earlier, wonderful event at the nearby Wilridge Winery, a handful of us started racing on Tieton’s streets in 2013. In subsequent years, we opened the event up to all those interested in coming and — cars came from as far away as New Zealand. The event grew into a three day bacchanal with the original city street racing


The Gittreville story begins with the Peugeot Quadrilette. Her build began in 2008 when the Bush recession left her builder with extra time on his hands. With initial inspiration from the Stevensons, the Mighty Peugeot, as she has become known, took a slightly different tack from the Stevensons with much of that driven by the brutal conditions on her future playground at Gittreville. The Peugeot eschewed the plywood monocoque/foam/fiberglas Stevenson