Tieton is a bit out of the norm for Gittreville. After an earlier, wonderful event at the nearby Wilridge Winery, a handful of us started racing on Tieton’s streets in 2013. In subsequent years, we opened the event up to all those interested in coming and — cars came from as far away as New Zealand. The event grew into a three day bacchanal with the original city street racing joined by epic Gordon Bennett road runs south of town, events in the Campbell Orchards to the north as well as Driving Tests, Drag Races and Concours d’Elegance.

Tieton, Monaco of the Yakima Valley!

The magnitude of being responsible for such a grand event eventually overwhelmed the core group. Safety, liability and administrative issues escalated incrementally each year to the point where it was decided to suspend the 2020 event.


Tieton will be back June 24/25/26 2022.
If you are reading this, consider yourself among the first to know.
Participation will be limited to 50~60 cars. Entrants will be selected for their beauty and integrity.
The resplendent event will celebrate cyclekart spirit as Gittreville define it.

We will run everywhere Cyclekarts run: city streets, open country roads, parking lots, expansive dirt tracks, hillclimbs, rough off road challenges, and gracious glides across Concours d’Elegance lawns.

Car portraits from Tieton:

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