Gittreville is a small group of Cyclekart fanatics with a particular approach to building and playing with Cyclekarts. Our first car was built in 2008 and our first “major event” was in the fall of 2009. There were five cars at this first meeting. Three from 1922: Peugeot “Quadrilette”, Austro-Daimler “Sascha” and GN “200 Mile Racer”; one from 1923, a Miller “122” and a 1927 FIAT “Monza”. This very first meeting set the course for later events through combining a road race, dirt/grass course racing, gravel sprints, a hill climb/trial and a Concours d’Elegance with lavish lunch.

“Sascha” won the inaugural Gordon Bennett road race in heavy early morning rain. Peugeot and FIAT shared the day’s overall prize, the 1664 CUP. The FIAT edged course racing with the Peugeot edging trials and the Concours. Only the Peugeot and Fiat were running at the end of the day. The other three suffered catastrophic failures.

This website is a successor to earlier efforts. The site prior to this was written using a program not supported (and as a result essentially non-functional) for many years now. The current site is simpler and less ambitious – hopefully it will be more durable. A lot has changed since 2008. Social media has risen and replaced the need for “posting pictures”. Everybody now has that ability in their hand.

This website will endeavor to tell our stories. That is, the stories of our group. It does not aspire to cover all of Cyclekarting. This is not a forum. While our group has sometimes lively discussions of Cyclekart issues, we will simply present our general consensus point of view across these pages. We have never pretended to force any of our views on others, individuals or groups. We are careful to use the term Guidelines as opposed to Rules or Laws. We are not a club. We have no formal structure and we do not have any aspiration to create one.

The Gittreville collective hosts many Cyclekart related events and activities. We do this primarily for ourselves. Our period of proselytizing is long past. We aren’t trying to grow something or establish a movement. We have achieved a wonderful critical mass of like minded folks and throughly enjoy building and playing together. Nothing more.

– Johnny Dumfries