A distinguishing feature of Cyclekarts is community. This is especially true of Gittreville. We organize events not simply races.

The BRDC was established by royal hatter Reginald Molehusband. Reg has always maintained that a proper cocktail requires as much planning and study as a fine racing machine. It is certainly more important. The BRDC was intended as a comfortable place to meet and mingle with colleagues. An ideal venue for telling tall tales about racing successes, recounting massive mechanical failures, and catching up with the latest technical developments.

There are fierce national rivalries in the Gittreville racing scene. Countries compete as teams in the fabled Gordon Bennett series and in Concours d’Elegance. The implacable big two being France and Great Britain. Where as France often offers lavish food to win the public’s favor, the Empire leans on drink. Copious drink.

The Pop up Gentlemens Club* is a stage for drinking. It provides suitable mobile infrastructure for the preparation, presentation and consumption of drink. Food offerings at the BRDC are often “sold out” but never has disaster been allowed to strike the supplies of alcohol. As John Bolster quipped about his car Bloody Mary, which ran on a methanol cocktail, “the old girl likes her alcohol as much as her owner”. You will often see little Mary parked outside the BRDC in the shadow of Reg’s massive red Brooklands Bentley.

Ties are always required and hats encouraged in the BRDC. The cap of choice is the iconic All Weather Oilskin Fez. Created expressly for cyclekarting, the Molehusband fez is a careful balance of weather protection, aerodynamics and fashion. It is, as its name suggests, made for all weather. Cyclekarting is often enjoyed in the most dire conditions from the wet cold mud of La Tour-Du-Pin to the merciless sun of Tieton. The subtle smell of the oil skin cloth is a familiar sign that you are in the presence of a man of fine breeding. A gentleman. The tassel can be used to gauge kart speeds in still photos and further offers clues to the wearer’s posture and sobriety.

It remains mysteriously guarded exactly how the honor of wearing the Fez is conferred. Long term participation in Gittreville society is clearly a requirement. It is thought winning a high profile event might be a factor. A few more fez appear each year but only a handful. Once confirmed, Fez wearers never speak of the rite they have participated in. A fez must never be asked for.

* Note: Unlike some stuffy clubs the BRDC has always been inclusive, welcoming women and men equally. It may be true that some of the men tend to put in more frequent and committed sessions in the club.

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  1. My experience at the BRDC was indeed one to be savored. The absence of the regulation tie rendered me invisible to the esteemed bartender, but the said deficiency was soon remedied and an enjoyable concourse proceeded. The host was gracious, the refreshments substantial and the whole occasion entertaining and enlightening. By the good grace of provenance I intend to one day return. In the meantime I wish this intrepid group of fine gentlemen good health and happy trails. Yours most sincerely, Sir Henry [Tim] Birkin.

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