1954 Maserati 250F

Built almost on a dare, this Maserati was conceived during late night cocktails at the Tieton warehouse in 2018. Having run the Ferrari a while, It was time to put what I’d learned to use, especially with regard to weight. The goal was to save at least 25lbs through the use of lighter frame and suspension materials. The bodywork is the same balsa plank over frames and polyurethane foam, glassed over. Same Kawasaki alloy rims, but the chassis is 2″×1″ rec. aluminum tubes instead of the 3″×1″ in the Ferrari. A Dibond tub forms the cockpit. The independent front suspension is a very simple springer spindle/sliding pillar arrangement which allows about 1.25″ travel. Typical go-kart Pitman arms, lightning quick but still easily helmed at 55+mph. Handling favors oversteer. Suzuki GSXR hydraulic brakes do the stopping with considerable authority.


Length: 118″

Wheelbase: 66″

Weight: 224lbs

Front/Rear track: 39″/38″ 

Tires: 2.75″×17″ Duro

Engine: Stage 2ish Predator 212

CVT: TAV 30 type.

Top speed: (observed) 57mph.


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