1951 Ferrari 166F2 The Ferrari was my first cyclekart, and was built over about a 9 month period during 2016. Having gone over to watch the 2013 Targa Maria on Vashon Island, I returned home absolutely convinced that I must build a cyclekart. Then, as the days passed, I began to entertain dark thoughts. Practicality. Sensibility. These two enemies of whimsical creativity and fun crowded in, and I shelved my


1954 Maserati 250F Built almost on a dare, this Maserati was conceived during late night cocktails at the Tieton warehouse in 2018. Having run the Ferrari a while, It was time to put what I’d learned to use, especially with regard to weight. The goal was to save at least 25lbs through the use of lighter frame and suspension materials. The bodywork is the same balsa plank over frames and


THE VANDERBILT RENAULTS The first name that comes to mind with early American motor racing is Willie Vanderbilt. He was organizing his own races in Newport, Rhode Island and dabbling in Grand Prix racing in Europe. His Newport races would move to Long Island and become the Vanderbilt cup – the most important of all motor races in America in this period.  In 1906 Willie Vanderbilt recognized a small market