1951 Ferrari 166F2

The Ferrari was my first cyclekart, and was built over about a 9 month period during 2016. Having gone over to watch the 2013 Targa Maria on Vashon Island, I returned home absolutely convinced that I must build a cyclekart. Then, as the days passed, I began to entertain dark thoughts. Practicality. Sensibility. These two enemies of whimsical creativity and fun crowded in, and I shelved my early drawings.

Then, one day I stumbled across a video of the 2014 Tieton GP. This was too much! I found new resolve and dug out my sketches and the 2 old Ct90 wheels I’d  found on Craigslist 2yrs back. From there, things went with a vengeance. There was one nagging thing however. I really loved some of the post-war grand prix cars. I thought I might pull one off, employing the building methods I’d learned over 35yrs in model aviation. How would such a project be received though?

I consulted the esteemed Gittreville Builders Committee with my rebellious scheme, held my breath and awaited the answer. Would I be shot down, sending me back to dig out my Whitney Straight Maserati plans? They say that when the jury returns quickly, the verdict is usually guilty. Well, guilty or not the light was green and a chassis number was issued, to my everlasting gratitude!

The 166 is built in an unusual manner, even for a cyclekart. The chassis is an underslung, all aluminum ladder frame, bolted together at hardwood filled joints. Gusset plates provide considerable stiffness, and the kart has proven very rugged. The bodywork is 0.40 Wrisco panel from axle to axle. The nose and tail are built up plywood frames, planked with balsa and foam and finished with 4oz cloth and epoxy. The front suspension is an upper transverse leaf with independent control arms below. The steering is standard go-kart Pitman arm. Quick, direct, and a little heavy. The brake is the rear unit from a Kawasaki 600R sport bike, and very effective. The wheels are also a departure, being Kawasaki KX80 alloy front wheels. 

The Ferrari has been a solid, fun driver with no unlovable vices. Many dozens of people have have had their first cyclekart drive in it.


Length: 108″

Wheelbase: 66″

Weight: 252lbs

Front/Rear track: 38″/36″

Tires: Shinko Goldenboy 17×2.75″

Engine: Predator 212 with stage 2 mods.

CVT: Tav 30 type.

Top speed: (Observed) 52mph.

0-52mph: About 38 seconds.