1903 DE DION BOUTON PARIS-MADRID The DeDion Bouton company was famously founded in 1883 after Jules-Albert de Dion commissioned Georges Bouton and Charles Trépardoux build a toy locomotive model for him. By the turn of the century DeDion was the worlds largest automobile manufacturer and its engines were used by a multitude of other makes (some claim as many as 150). After building Bloody Mary, I was inspired to go


1905/1917 MORS LE SANGLIER For the Mors story as told by Ab Jenkins click here [Huntsville Grand Prix website]


April 15th 2023 – Oregon Raceway Park Eighteen cars out of the 28 attending started the main event, a one hour LE MANS endurance challenge. Some cars driven as a team and others driven solo. Some cars pitted to refuel and/or switch drivers, others were able to do the entire hour without refueling; several ran out of gas on the track very near the end of time. There were a

GN 200 Mile Racer

THE MIDDLE CHILD The GN 200 Mile Racer was my second car. My accidental discovery of CycleKarts, as the Stevensons defined them, occurred when I was looking for ideas to build a GN – something I had idly fantasized about since my teens. The time was now! (then) but I chickened out and found more sensible inspiration in the Peugeot Quadrilette.  Building the Quadrilette bolstered my confidence and I plunged


Gipsy was born of malfeasance and negligent ambition. She was the direct product of an intentional disregard for the rule of normalcy and decency. What started as a good-intentioned desire to share in motorsports activities with my offspring quickly devolved into a Rainier-fueled descent into debauchery and stupidity of a magnitude rarely resulting in anything other than financial ruin and medical debt. It was the spring of 2016. Justin and


David HingtgenSketch Artist206 999 1950 Instagram: _david_sketches_ David Hingtgen’s CYCLEKART SKETCH BOOK


Seattle’s brief history has been characterized by cycles of dramatic boom and bust. Gittreville is the same. A movement sprung from the post war (WWII) Seattle aerospace boom: Greater Seattle. This was a full throated civic push to become a major world city. The effort resulted in the 1962 Century 21 World’s Fair (think iconic “Space Needle”).  Seattle is also a city of skeptics – the ones here long enough


1911 FIAT S74 CORSA A typical racing giant of its era, the S74 was powered by a 14 litre four cylinder engine. Curb weight was 2755 lbs and a top speed of just over 100MPH was claimed. The S74 was raced with great success both in Europe and America. I selected the S74 as my Edwardian because I have long been fascinated by FIAT and Torino in general but especially


A selection of event posters.


This author wasn’t initially a committed fan of “Specials” in spite of having built one. That changed when I met and got to know the upside down Doin’ It Wrong crew at Tieton and more specifically when I drove their unashamed Special, Gipsy. I had built my version of perhaps the most famous Special, Bloody Mary, but Mary was a historical car, more of an idiosyncratic one-off racer than a