A typical racing giant of its era, the S74 was powered by a 14 litre four cylinder engine. Curb weight was 2755 lbs and a top speed of just over 100MPH was claimed.

The S74 was raced with great success both in Europe and America.

David Bruce-Brown at the 1912 French Grand Prix (Dieppe)

I selected the S74 as my Edwardian because I have long been fascinated by FIAT and Torino in general but especially because of its prodigious bonnet. On the inspiration car this was to house the massive engine but in my case I saw it being useful for expedition gear. The sump (fake sump) was originally sized to fit my camping tent with zero waste but as things evolved it was lined with insulating foam and became a very effective ice chest. Bar service shelves were concocted to quickly transform the open bonnet into morning espresso or afternoon Negroni service. An overlong build gallery follows. It is all about the joy of the build for me. I hope the pictures and captions serve as inspiration but if the reader is less interested, they can be easily skipped over.

The FIAT project started with the wheels. Reproduction 18″ Harley rims (of admittedly second rate quality but an even lower price) were married with laminated marine plywood spokes cut on a CNC router and generic yard kart hubs. 3.50 tires were fitted and run at very low psi. The car has front suspension but on the squishy fat tires, it feels like it does in the back as well.



Engine: Honda GX240 with electric start, untouched, remains governed, stock intake, stock exhaust
Drive train: Comet symmetric, 7″ driven, jack shaft to reduction sprocket on to choice of two final drive sprockets
Brakes: 8″ Comet disk, rod actuated and 5″ drum parking brake, also rod actuated
No cables or hydraulics were used on this car; throttle is also rod actuated
Frame: 1″ x 3″ x 0.083″ wall steel, 16″ wide at front, 22″ wide at rear
Wheels: 18″ x 2.15 steel rims with marine plywood spokes; 3.50 Golden Boy tires
Wheel base: 75.75″
Tracks: Front 39.5″, rear 34″
Length: 104″
Heights: Scuttle 40″, steering wheel 47.5″, seat cushion 27.5″
Widths: Radiator 14.5″, seat 27.5″
Weight: 410 lbs with gas but before bar service
Ice capacity: three bags, three days survival in 90° +/- ambient
Accessories: USB charger, 12V power point, high/low/ring headlight, tail lights


By Johnny Dumfries

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