Bon Mots…

The present Panhard handler is pressed for time and unable to complete his story. For better or worse, there are many, many profiles to publish and we need to keep moving… The scheme is to launch in rows (of three), gradually tightening the thematic link between the three cars.

The Panhard Record was built by René Savage in the early wave of Gittreville cars. It was always a pretty car with its tour-de-force wood work but often lacking in performance and reliability.

The Record was orphaned and eventually fostered by Alphonse Roche and Nico Von Wildsau. Performance improved incrementally through subtle adjustments and an entirely new front axle fabricated with the wily complicity of Tuco.

We look forward to the full story from Alphonse in due course but in the meantime we must suffice with early and later galleries.

Ancien Régime


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