1934 Auto Union Type A, the brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche and Adolf Rosenberg.

Built in Zwickau, Germany the V16 mid-engine Type A Auto Union performed well in it’s debut year of 1934. Winning the German, Swiss, and Czechoslovakian Grand Prix and finishing 2nd in the Italian Grand Prix, the Type A also became European mountain champion in hillclimbs.

With a big emphasis on team, Dutch Bauman formed a group of specialists to construct this 1934 Type A Auto Union.

After a few years of driving for Scuderia FIAT the urge was too great…WE NEED TO BUILD!

Fueled mostly by beer and horrendous jokes, the build started. 

Drawings? What drawings!? This was not a precision build. We worked organically and used pictures to translate scale and details. We knew and still know how much we relied on our friends and those who had built before us. 

In true cyclekart fashion, we had a vision. What material would get us to the form? Il Mantovano Volante had the answer, “fiberglas, my friends!”. We set out to build a frame, make a form around the frame, layup (8) fiberglass molds, and pull parts. Dialing in the handling would have to come later. 

Unlike the original AU, our first years had many lessons learned and setbacks. Each modification and update was true to our process… have fun, drink beer, and burn the night candles during the weeks leading up to an event. 

When building and driving with friends, it just does not get any better! 

Mannschaft Auto Union 

Dutch Bauman, Team Leader: Mastermind, Builder, Driver, Cheerleader, Beer and Sustenance Master

Il Mantovano Volante: Chief Builder, Structural Genius, Engineer, Fiberglas Master

Alassandro Cagno (Fiat): Chief Builder, Engineer, Driver

Hellé Nice: Chief Builder, Director, Engineer, Driver

Detroit Diesel: Driver, Cheerleader


Chassis No. 1301
Running No. 21

Length: 107.5”
Wheel base: 75″
Front track: 36”
Rear track: 34”

Engine: Yellow Box Stock Stage 1
TAV 2 torque converter

Body: Fiberglas/Aluminum Grill
Frame: Steel
Bulkheads/Reinforcement: Aluminum
Floor: 1/2” Eastern Maple

Front Suspension: Transverse Spring- On beam Axle, Radius Rods and Panhard Rod
Rear Suspension: Rigid
Brake: 8″ vented disk, hydraulic


by Hellé Nice and Dutch Bauman

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