The keystone of the Gittreville GP website will be a growing series of profiles featuring participating (and like minded) cyclekarts and indirectly, their builders. Never missing a chance, we stress here, as we so often do, we are expressing our little group’s — not entirely homogenous — take on things and nothing more. We are neither inclusive or exclusive. We are simply our own damn thing and sharing it.

Gittreville’s reverence for the inspiration car is supreme. If a car/builder doesn’t get that, there isn’t a chance in hell of being profiled here. While it is true that we are a supremely competitive bunch we never accept bending inspiration into a soulless pretzel to gain performance. Further, our particular definition of performance emphasizes versatility. We expect our cars to be able to drive at strolling speed in parades, be insanely fast on pavement, slice through obstacle courses, climb over logs and up muddy hills, cross streams, scamper over wet morning grass, glide over rock hard summer dried lumpy fields, plow though snow, tackle washed out forest service roads, drift around groomed dirt tracks, look fantastic at a Concours d’Elegance AND be reasonably drivable by anybody interested enough to step into one. Can any one car do all of these things well? Yes, many of ours do. Are some more limited? Of course, but what is essential is that the spirit is there. Concours and the unfettered Joy of The Build trumps all.

We appreciate craft and thoughtfulness; we especially appreciate ingenuity in reinterpreting yesterday’s junk into today’s jewelry.

Oh, and this may sound harsh but, the builder of a profiled car has to have organized and managed major events. Cyclekarts are no good on their own. Il n’y a pas de repas gratuit à Gittreville

If you would like to be considered for a PROFILE, we probably know who you are. If your build warrants inclusion on its merits and yours, there are still hurdles to leap… Creating a profile involves writing a story, gathering a gallery of images and creating a profile illustration. Profiles all have to “fit” with each other. As you can see the illustrations are in a particular style. See: Bloody Mary profile for why. Johnny, Remi and Ab are happy to help create the final profile illustration but that requires the builder present enough assets to allow it to happen. Ideally an accurate scale drawing, copious dimension notes, as flat as possible side view photos and detail shots.

When you write your build’s story, imagine you’ve remembered your tie and are sat in the BRDC lounge sharing your tale with a fellow builder. That is your very narrow audience.

Gittreville’s audience.


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