1932 Chrysler Imperial

The 1932 Chrysler Imperial was chosen for its long bonnet, shrouding the impressive straight eight.  The design goal was to accommodate a driver over 6’ in height while deemphasizing the Muppet effect.  

The steel channel frame was crafted using 1/8” steel plate for the for the flange and 1/16” plate for the web.  While duplicating the strength of a conventional cyclekart steel tube frame the channel allows more flex in the frame and adds lightness.  The body is made up of Poplar and 1/8” bending Birch.  The chalkboard paint finish allows the car’s exterior to express the personality of the children or adults present during an event.  The driver’s compartment is sized for two young adults or an adult and a small child to drive.  On the downside copious cabin has a lack of lateral support when driving.  Drivers shorter than 5’-10” have reported difficulty reaching pedals.

The power plant is a GX200 Honda.  Rumor* has it that the compression chamber has been put on a diet and sharp edges removed from intake and exhaust ports.  A fuel pump delivers fuel from the primary fuel tank to a smaller secondary tank located above the engine, allowing gravity-fed fuel to accommodate the carriages a low profile above the engine.  A seven inch Comet series 30-torque converter is used to drive the #40 chain, paired with 8 tooth and 60 tooth sprockets.  A single hydraulic disk brake is used attached to the 1” steel axle.  In retrospect a symmetric drive system would better serve to deliver power to the wheels.  The 17’ wheels are wrapped in Golden Boy 2.75-17 tyres with both rear wheels keyed for propulsion and deceleration.  

At a stunning nine foot length and two hundred and sixty eight pounds without a driver; weight balance is 40% front 60% rear.   This Monster provides a stable drive with commanding acceleration that has carried many championships.

Year of production: 2014
Chassis Number: 1403

Wheelbase: 79”
Ground clearance: 5”
Front track; 39” (outside)
Rear track 36” (outside)
Length; 108”
Weight: 268#

by Tuco

* Editor’s note: Some time in the future I hope to coax a story out that details these “rumors”. We could all learn a lot.


  1. This is a very cool car to drive, at 5′ 8″ it’s a bit of a stretch, maybe I didn’t get my go faster foot planted all the way, but thoroughly enjoyed the chance to do Gordon Bennet in it. Thanks Tuco.

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