The Morgan project was built by two high school students who had “grown up” with cyclekarts but had scant practical fabrication experience when they began. Plenty when they finished! Their Morgan was Gittreville’s first electric. The builders, both experienced racers, wanted to emphasize responsibility and pursue absolute efficiency with their build. The Morgan initially had an 800W motor and a 36V lead-acid (AGM) battery pack. In its final incarnation is has a 1500W BLDC motor and a 48V Lithium battery pack.

The Green Build project inspired Gittreville’s other electrics, all of them conversions: Bugatti, Austin, Model T, DeDion, Bentley, Mercedes and Lagonda. The later three have swappable gas/electric drive modules.

The Morgan is phenomenally light, whisper quiet, pretty, and a gem to drive.

"You can't hear us coming"

The Morgan story is chronicled in detail in the builder’s own words and pictures on tumblr. Therefore the story here is brief.

Both of the builders incorporated the Morgan into their Senior Projects. One of the two presented it to her school by driving it down the halls and through the assembly space – you can do that with a nimble electric!

Chassis No.: 1401

Wheelbase: 67″
Front track: 36″
Overall length: 96″
Height at scuttle: 27.5″
Ground clearance: 5.5″
Body width: 22″
Weight: 176lbs

Motor: 1.5KW BLDC with sine wave controller
Battery pack: 48V 17AH Lithium

by Anonymous, Von Wildsau, Dumfries

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