GN 200 Mile Racer

THE MIDDLE CHILD The GN 200 Mile Racer was my second car. My accidental discovery of CycleKarts, as the Stevensons defined them, occurred when I was looking for ideas to build a GN – something I had idly fantasized about since my teens. The time was now! (then) but I chickened out and found more sensible inspiration in the Peugeot Quadrilette.  Building the Quadrilette bolstered my confidence and I plunged


Gipsy was born of malfeasance and negligent ambition. She was the direct product of an intentional disregard for the rule of normalcy and decency. What started as a good-intentioned desire to share in motorsports activities with my offspring quickly devolved into a Rainier-fueled descent into debauchery and stupidity of a magnitude rarely resulting in anything other than financial ruin and medical debt. It was the spring of 2016. Justin and


David HingtgenSketch Artist206 999 1950 Instagram: _david_sketches_ David Hingtgen’s CYCLEKART SKETCH BOOK


Seattle’s brief history has been characterized by cycles of dramatic boom and bust. Gittreville is the same. A movement sprung from the post war (WWII) Seattle aerospace boom: Greater Seattle. This was a full throated civic push to become a major world city. The effort resulted in the 1962 Century 21 World’s Fair (think iconic “Space Needle”).  Seattle is also a city of skeptics – the ones here long enough


1911 FIAT S74 CORSA A typical racing giant of its era, the S74 was powered by a 14 litre four cylinder engine. Curb weight was 2755 lbs and a top speed of just over 100MPH was claimed. The S74 was raced with great success both in Europe and America. I selected the S74 as my Edwardian because I have long been fascinated by FIAT and Torino in general but especially


A selection of event posters.


This author wasn’t initially a committed fan of “Specials” in spite of having built one. That changed when I met and got to know the upside down Doin’ It Wrong crew at Tieton and more specifically when I drove their unashamed Special, Gipsy. I had built my version of perhaps the most famous Special, Bloody Mary, but Mary was a historical car, more of an idiosyncratic one-off racer than a


King Edward VII ascended the British throne on the death of his mother Queen Victoria in 1901. Edward’s reign marked the zenith of the British power. “Bertie” as he was affectionately known to the royal family and his circle of friends was closely related to most of the crowned heads of Europe. The Edwardian era was a period of rising nationalism and empire building. Edward died in 1910 and a


1951 Ferrari 166F2 The Ferrari was my first cyclekart, and was built over about a 9 month period during 2016. Having gone over to watch the 2013 Targa Maria on Vashon Island, I returned home absolutely convinced that I must build a cyclekart. Then, as the days passed, I began to entertain dark thoughts. Practicality. Sensibility. These two enemies of whimsical creativity and fun crowded in, and I shelved my


1954 Maserati 250F Built almost on a dare, this Maserati was conceived during late night cocktails at the Tieton warehouse in 2018. Having run the Ferrari a while, It was time to put what I’d learned to use, especially with regard to weight. The goal was to save at least 25lbs through the use of lighter frame and suspension materials. The bodywork is the same balsa plank over frames and